Frequently Asked Questions

Homecoming Dates

What are the dates for future Homecoming and Reunion Weekends?

  • October 18-20, 2024
    October 3-5, 2025
    October 23-25, 2026
    October 15-17, 2027

Dates are subject to change per the MIAA schedule.

Registration and Schedule

How do I register for Homecoming events?

Registration is now closed, but we would still love to have you on campus!

Please come to the registration desk in the Weimer K. Hicks Center starting on Friday, October 6 at 3 p.m. for walk up registrations. We will do our best to accommodate events which require a fee. In the meantime, please feel free to review the schedule.

How do I register for Homecoming events?

Homecoming and Reunion Weekend is October 18-20, 2024 and online registration will open at the beginning of September.

Planning Your Visit

What do I do if I have a food allergy and would like to attend the Homecoming picnic or my reunion dinner?

We will do our best to accommodate guests with food allergies within reason. To make special arrangements, please contact the Office of Alumni Engagement at 269.337.7283 or

What lodging opportunities are available during Homecoming and Reunion Weekend?

Please see Lodging

Where can I find a listing of local Bed and Breakfasts in Kalamazoo? 

Please see all of our information on the Lodging page.

What should I wear during Homecoming Weekend?

Michigan weather is always unpredictable, so come prepared! For most of the weekend, casual dress is appropriate, although many alumni prefer to dress up for their class reunion celebrations. Orange and black and other “spirit wear” is always encouraged! Visit the Kalamazoo College Bookstore to purchase K gear.

How do I find out who else from my class is attending my reunion?

A “who’s coming” list will be posted online for each reunion class when registration opens in September. The lists will be updated daily, so check back often for updates!

Where can my class host an informal gathering off-campus?

Will there be spots on campus where we can have a small group gathering?

Please see our information on additional gathering spots.

Will I be able to meet with students while I am on campus?

Yes, there are several events on campus where alumni and students can connect. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind while engaging with students.

Alumni and Donors Engaging with Students

  1. Introduction

The Office of College Advancement supports Kalamazoo College’s mission by connecting members of our greater community with current students. Consistent with K’s commitment to fostering an inclusive campus, we are committed to providing safe and respectful spaces for students to interact with external constituencies. Alumni and donors, like our students, reflect the College. Each engagement opportunity is a valuable chance for alumni and donors to develop meaningful connections with students, better understand the joys and challenges facing K students today, recognize how philanthropy makes an impact on their experience, and gain inspiration for investment of time and philanthropy that will benefit the College and its students. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for students to learn from and connect with those who have trodden a similar path before them. It will also serve as a great example of how they can stay engaged as alumni long after graduation!

  1. Guiding principles

Mutual respect is foundational to building positive relationships and engaging interactions. This entails:

  • Being open and curious.
  • Respecting boundaries and privacy. 
  • Valuing everyone’s time by being punctual (or communicating a delay when appropriate for the situation).
  1. Inherent power dynamics between alumni/donors and students

Though not always obvious, there is an inherent power imbalance present in student interactions with donors and alumni—based on age, career status, experience, wealth and other factors. We are working with our students to ensure they are comfortable establishing boundaries and redirecting conversations that may be uncomfortable to them. Note that those boundaries may vary widely from student to student, as it will from alum to alum.

Being the recipient of a donor’s gift or an alum’s mentorship does not compel a student to share all of their personal life details. What may feel like enthusiasm and interest by an alum or donor may feel like prying to a student. Conversely, that student may feel obligated to divulge personal information they would not otherwise share because they feel it is “owed” to a donor or an alum.

  1. Assumptions and Boundaries

Philanthropy in support of K’s mission and its students is a voluntary act. As an institution, we acknowledge and recognize the generosity of donors and volunteers, often requesting the participation of our students in this process. Student participation in the College’s gift stewardship efforts is likewise voluntary.   

Each of us has perspectives that have been formed by our families, community, individual personalities, culture(s), economic circumstances, etc. that can affect how we engage with others.  It’s important to be conscious of any assumptions we may hold, as our lifetime of experiences and beliefs may create preconceived notions about another’s background, identity, or experiences.

Students, alumni and donors are supported in setting boundaries based on their level of comfort, personal perspective, past experiences, cultural norms, and more.

We come from a diversity of experiences and backgrounds and that means we have different boundaries around how we choose to engage with each other. Because of our many differences, we cannot assume universal boundaries regarding how much people want to share about their lives, physical proximity and touch, and more.

  1. Creating successful interactions with students

Life at K is always changing! Whether an alum graduated a few years ago or several decades ago, engaging with students is a great way to learn about current campus life, in addition to sharing stories with students about earlier times at K.

The following tips can help guide a successful interaction with students:

  • Ask open-ended questions: Open-ended questions are a great way to dive into getting to know a student and learn about their experiences at K. It will also give a sense of what follow-up questions will keep the conversation flowing.
  • Share common experiences: Alums and donors sharing their own experiences are also a great way to find common ground. Alums and donors sharing their motivation to give back of their time and resources are also a great way to break the ice.
  • Follow their lead: Once a question is asked, if a student chooses not to answer or change the subject, do not press or ask again.

K students are amazingly mature, talented and driven. Have fun getting to know them!

Parking and Maps

Where should I park when I arrive on campus?

Please see Parking Information.

The campus has changed since I was a student! How can I find my way around and visit the new buildings on campus?

Please see campus information. A guided campus tour and a self-guided campus tour will also be available on Homecoming Saturday.

Children and Kids

Where can I find a local babysitter?

Due to liability concerns, Kalamazoo College does not provide a list of available babysitters for Homecoming Weekend.

Is there a quiet place on campus where I can nurse my baby or pump?

There is a nursing room located in room 309 in the Upjohn Library. They key to the room is available at the Library Circulation Desk.

I’m bringing my child who is interested in attending Kalamazoo College. Can I arrange a meeting with Admission during my visit?

Guests are welcome to contact the Admission Office to set up a visit for prospective students! Visit the Admission website or call 269.337.7166 to speak with an Admission staff member.

College Policies

What is the College’s alcohol policy during Homecoming?

Please see Homecoming alcohol guidelines.

What is the College’s tailgating policy?

What is the College’s smoking policy?

What is the College’s COVID-19 policy?

For the most up-to-date information on the College’s COVID-19 response, please visit

Emergency, Safety, and Accessibility

What should I do if I have an emergency or safety issue during Homecoming Weekend?

Please see Safety and Security. Campus Safety may be reached at 269.337.7321. Call 911 in an emergency.

I have mobility concerns. What is the best way to get around campus?

Most campus buildings where Homecoming events will be hosted are fully accessible. See this complete list of campus building accessibility and suggested parking.